31 Jan 2015

Compass.to demo at CES 2015 shows future of LTE Direct

Every year, people fly from all over

31 Jan 2015
Compass.to and LTE Direct at CES 2015

Compass.to at Qualcomm booth demoing LTE Direct at CES 2015 Las Vegas

Every year, people fly from all over the world to the Consumer Electronics Show hosted in Las Vegas to get a firsthand glimpse of new technology and consumer electronics. Fortunately for us here at Compass.to, we had an amazing time in the desert, one that some would say happens once in a lifetime.

LTE Direct and Compass.to – the digital 6th sense becomes real

Compass.to is the first app ever to showcase all the features and potential of LTE Direct. The app is built on three use cases: Keep and share your experiences and discover your proximity. As human beings, we do this every single day. Even more so with our ever-connected devices. But something is missing. Compass.to and LTE Direct solves the discovery problem by using device-to-device technology LTE Direct. Real value and relevant content will be granted to the user through thousands of devices in the proximity of ~500 meters.

Compass.to the things you love. Keep, Share, Discover.

Get the Compass.to beta for iOS and Android at www.compass.to

A proximity-based technology: Out with drained batteries, in with LTE Direct

We’ve been working nonstop for about six months on a prototype that involves the unreleased technology of LTE Direct by Qualcomm.

What’s LTE Direct? Well, as we like to call it, it’s the future of intelligent connectivity. Qualcomm has been developing this new chip and always on technology with the purpose of making mobile devices and smartphones, well, finally smart. The device-to-device technology offers “privacy sensitive and battery efficient proximity-based discovery” of all the things that are of true value to people. These can include and are not limited to venue specific services, social sharing, people discovery and many more. The possibilities are endless but also limited by a battery efficient chip architecture.

Compass.to's CEO Alex Bierling holding a One Plus device at CES 2015

Compass.to’s CEO Alex Bierling holding a One Plus device at the Qualcomm booth #8252. The entire demo can be followed on a bigger screen in the background.

Real-life scenarios beat existing proximity technologies

Imagine you’re attending SXSW 2015 this year and have just the right time to explore the things you are interested in. But how do you cut through the noise and make use of all the great things at SXSW 2015? By using an LTE Direct-based app (i.e. Compass.to), you will receive notifications from nearby broadcasting devices that are relevant to you – letting you know what to see, who to connect with, and where to check out the things that matter to you the most.

Another example: Say you’re at the shopping mall and you need to get something for Valentine’s Day. Using specialised filters, LTE Direct will let you know of special discounts and real value for your shopping preferences. You are able to track value around the entire shopping mall and get that perfect gift! No spam, no ad bombarding!

What’s next? See you at MWC Barcelona and SXSW 2015

This year will be packed with great news and exciting updates. Just around the corner is the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona! So if you’re there, please join us at the Qualcomm booth and be sure to try out our app! We’ll also be at SXSW 2015 where you can join our private beta on Android as well as the public beta on iOS. Please make sure you apply for our latest beta here.

What do you think is the future of smart connectivity? Share your thoughts on LTE Direct and Compass.to!

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