Coffee meets Laptop: Proximity based solution to find your best coffee spot
26 Jun 2015

Coffee meets Laptop: Proximity based solution to find your best coffee spot

New York is known for its overwhelming

26 Jun 2015

New York is known for its overwhelming number of coffee shops but also for its Starbucks-in-every-corner movement. As an international student, coming from one of the top coffee-makers in the world, Colombia, I was happy to know that in every corner, I was going to find my ever-so-tasteful Colombian coffee. Uh, no. It’s tough to find good, tasting coffee. At least for the pickiest people – as we all know New Yorkers are. With, I’ve been able to find and get friends to join me at some of the coolest spots in town to share those coffee-meets-laptop moments. Here are a few.

1. Joe The Art of Coffee

I’m starting with this one specially for the name. Making coffee can be a business. Making good coffee, is an art. These guys have spread over New York with their hispter-forward baristas, offering great coffee specially around university and college campuses in town. Back in the winter of 2013, I walked to the the 13th street location, right next to The New School’s brand new University Center. Laptop work is always good at Joe’s.

2. Juan Valdez

I had to include the Colombian favorite. Already a household name, Juan Valdez gained major traction when a huge banner and store was opened in the middle of Times Square in Manhattan. I think it is now somewhere around 57th street, but the place definitely makes Colombian New Yorkers proud of their coffee and the renowned brand of a farmer and his donkey.

3. Depanneur

Corner coffee place with good ol’ Williamsburg vibe. At the corner of Wythe and 3rd street, the chilled atmosphere makes you reminisce of French boulangeries, where baguettes and paninis light up the place with their fresh-out-of-the-oven aromas. Depanneur can be your stop-n-go place to gear up with a turkey sandwich and a hot mocca and walk down 3rd til you reach the river.

4. Devocion

My second Colombian coffee place. In the heart of Williamsburg, right next to the East River. Once you enter, you will have the experience of feeling in the middle of the Amazon jungle with the smell of the green tall Andes mountains, right where the best Colombian coffee is produced. Devocion’s decoration is simply amazing. It has tall ceilings with a well-lit sunroof, wooden tables, a wall-garden, and two large couches that make you feel right at home. Perfect environment for those long startup coding hours!

5. Dhaba

Yes, it’s an Indian restaurant in the middle of Manhattan. Why is it part of the list? Because Indian coffee rocks. That simple. More than a year back, I had the opportunity to travel to India to shoot a documentary. Most of my excitement was based on the fact that I was going to get the full-blown Indian cuisine experience. Little did I know that Indian coffee was going to be so fruitful, tasteful, and delightful. Try it yourselves. Dhaba has amazing food, but make sure you have a coffee afterwards. Laptops can have a break in your backpack while you’re enjoying it.

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