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3 ways to Skateboard to China: Developer Conference 2015

Some might say it’s an impossible endeavor, but we’ve managed to skateboard our way to China in 3 key steps. Yes, it’s easier to fly there, but the skateboarding experience will be richer, more interesting, and you’ll get to enjoy the scenery. Our startup experience has taught us how to skateboard through different challenges and obstacles. We reached deep enough into our inner Brooklynite-hipster soul, grabbed our skateboards, and along with an amazing team of developers and collaborators, we are now at the cusp of sharing an eye-opening, device-to-device technology with our very own little app,, with some of the best developers in the Chinese tech world. Here is how we did it.

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What in the #IoT is that??

A question many companies are asking right now. The endless debate about data collection and use is continually growing and Internet of Things stakeholders are asking: What should we do with all this data? A recent survey from Dimensional Research sponsored by ParStream titled Internet of Things (IoT) Meets Big Data and Analytics revealed that 94% of companies or stakeholders that are involved in some way with IoT projects face challenges collecting and analyzing data in a timely fashion. Why is this a problem? Imagine having servers with gigantic amounts of IoT data stashed away in some warehouse, waiting for someone to make sense of it, and inform you promptly about whether or not your connected home is overheated (hey Nest users!) or if someone is stealing your valuables (hey there Canary fans!).

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