NY Tech Day in a nutshell: It was a blast!
25 Apr 2016

NY Tech Day in a nutshell: It was a blast!

Exactly one year ago, we were showcasing

25 Apr 2016

Exactly one year ago, we were showcasing our beta version of Compass.to at NY Tech Day 2015. It’s amazing to see how the tech community in Silicon Alley is growing at a very high pace, but more importantly, how it’s making all startups become more aware of the value they provide over time in relation to their sustainability. Explained in simpler terms, we believe the tech scene in New York is well on its way to incubate more and more high-growth startups, engaging and retaining global talent, and producing amazing value for the ecosystem. Here’s a short video about our road to pioneering the Proximal Internet and NY Tech Day.


L1020053Since technology moves at a higher pace than many of us could possibly follow, we have entered a roadmap of consistent and frequent evaluation of our goals and objectives. In the effort of looking back and reminiscing of what we have done in the past, we are now at a stage where learning becomes a priority goal in and of itself, leading to sustained growth and making that 20-mile per day march – as the great Jim Collins said: “You keep the pace, 20 miles a day”. Why 20 miles a day? We like this analogy precisely when looking back at what we did last year. For this occasion of Tech Day, we wanted to make it an opportunity to show what we have done after going 20-miles per day, consistently and thoroughly.

As many of NY Tech Day attendees mentioned, we did a big show! We focused largely on how our storytelling skills could get a extremely complex, yet robust message across. Given that the audience ranged from college students, to investors and press, we knew that the way to communicate our technology advancements had to be precise and engaging. Hence, the diorama.


Our diorama consisted of a full blown, 3D scale model of Shanghai Tech University, where we are currently testing out our technology and family of apps, showing an animated version of the way the technology works and performs. Gladly, everyone was truly involved in the way we communicated our proposition, highlighting the key points we wanted people to notice and finally getting potential customer leads.

We know not everyone was able to attend or experience our Diorama. However, you can still sign up to test our family of apps or visit our developer site to get notified as soon as our technology is available.

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