An inside view of the Telecom Council in Silicon Valley
19 May 2016

An inside view of the Telecom Council in Silicon Valley

As the birthplace of modern technology, Silicon

19 May 2016

As the birthplace of modern technology, Silicon Valley is exactly that and way more. Everywhere one looks, large companies and enterprises are situated door to door, growing an ecosystem that lives on technology and will continue to impact so many lives around the globe. As part of the Telecom Council of Silicon Valley held on May 11th at Marvell Technology Group‘s offices in Santa Clara, we at were at the forefront of the startups showcasing the power and potential of LTE Direct. CEO & Cofounder Alex Bierling

The council had a strong focus on LTE and its advancements, reminiscing back almost 6 years ago when 4G LTE was launched, industry professionals are still eager to find out the date for the 5G launch. The common goal for all of these technologies among the 4.5G LTE solutions, whether it’s LTE Advanced Pro or LTE Direct, is to improve network efficiency while enhancing overall communications and end-user experience. Speakers ranging from a variety of verticals including telcos, vendors, startups and Telecom Council members including large household names like Intel, Marvell, Huawei and Qualcomm set the stage to discuss the pros and cons of the technologies, some of them advocating some of the advancements over others.

More importantly, the event served as a platform to showcase what can be the potential use cases for existing and unreleased technologies that not only improve the communication standards but can work in a multiple set of industry verticals including the auto industry, health, emergency entities and mobile payment. As part of the startups’ showcase, our Diorama profiled a 3D model of Shanghai Tech University showing real data from our LTE Direct trails happening at the moment of writing. As pioneers of this technology, we exemplified the use of LTE Direct in a highly dense area (i.e. university students) and their use of LTE Direct-powered mobile devices. Through our family of apps, students would be able to find each other in the proximity of 500 meters and through a matching algorithm. On another layer, it demonstrated how monetization works among all stakeholders (mobile providers, developers, users, etc) and how we are solving the problem for mobile operators, who are currently left out of the mobile search transactions (think eBay for proximity).

Alexander Bierling

While the day went by, participants came by our Diorama, clearly showing faces of amusement and thinking of the huge potential this technology and our development capabilities can offer to all industries. Rasmus Hellberg, PhD, Senior Director Technical Marketing spoke about the LTE Advanced Pro 3GPP Release 13 and its benefits, highlighting its applicability for these industries. Knowing there are more than 1 billion LTE subscriptions worldwide, there is room for believing in this new ecosystem, where even cable providers should be worried about. Telematics and Vehicle to Vehicle are strong candidates for establishing additional use cases, very much like we at are focusing on as well. After all, the potential opportunities we can execute with LTE Direct and our family of apps are endless, helping out millions of people.


You can find out more about our restless work in the field and our mission to bring on the Proximal Internet.

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