First global LTE Direct trials
17 Jun 2016

First global LTE Direct trials


17 Jun 2016

PIONEERING THE PROXIMAL INTERNET started 2012 with the vision in mind to build the ‘proximity graph’ by providing social apps for proximal discovery and location based recommendation with a focus on today’s urban needs. But the existing technologies were limited in their range and scalability, neither battery efficient nor privacy sensitive. No wording was really matching the idea of any kind of broadcasting device being connected in a smart way in our proximity. So we started naming it ‘Proximal Internet’.

A significant pain reliever appeared when we were invited to build future use cases using the LTE spectrum and the Device-to-Device technology LTE- Direct, in a partnership with Qualcomm since 2014.

We’ve been building several Device-to-Device applications (e.g. for social discovery or business analytics in proximity) and an SDK that we call ‘Sixth Sense Kit’. Our Sixth Sense Kit is a software module that helps developers to use the LTE spectrum for device-to-device discovery and to start D2D services such as social discovery, payments, analytics, etc. Independent from GPS, Internet, Wifi or BLE and their range & scalability issues.


Imagine all proximal search and the monetization of related transactions would not require the internet as we know it. Every participant will benefit from the generated data in proximity and monetize proximity transactions without depending on the internet search giants like Yahoo, Facebook, Bing or Google..In a powerful market of 34BN+ connected devices in 2020.


We became drivers of the first-of-its kind Device-to-Device trials at Shanghai University of Technology from March through May 2016 together with Qualcomm and some of the major Chinese app providers within the Chinese LTE spectrum. For the first time ever, we proved our assumptions about the Proximal Internet and made the most used D2D enabled app within the first global LTE-Direct trials together with TanTan (most popular dating app in China).


Despite of all expected issues (Great Firewall of China, server- & API-access from China and US, language and time zones,etc. ) and unexpected technical issues with a future technology we needed to be on time and providing all trial required assets (2 native social apps, 2 native gamification apps, analytics) in cooperation with local and international partners. One of the major goals of the trials was to proof that LTE Direct enabled transactions in proximity provide a new way to monetize. And the integration of a Clearing House structure helps to allocate the earnings among all participants incl. the mobile network operators, merchants, app developers,..

Here’s what we achieved:

  • 180,000 LTED interactions Device to Device in 9 weeks
  • 400 trial participants
  • $435 in proximal revenue are the proof how $$ transactions in proximity will work independent from GPS, Internet, Wifi or BLE and their range & scalability issues (imagine market places for proximity without the need of internet..)
  • Smart proximity advertising: In a partnership with one of the biggest digital global advertiser we tested successfully D2D advertising based on matching user preferences.


codeRight now we’re preparing the next steps for LTE-Direct based business trials and presenting at MWC Shanghai in July. Since we won’t wait for the technologies to come we’re building a hybrid software kit using existing bridge technologies before LTED is available but based on our LTED experience (building UX to build the ground). Big topics at the MWC will be how to leading our D2D monetization kit from Alpha to Beta and to establish our Sixth Sense Kit and eco system to solving the problems of connected industries, car OEM’s, app publishers, etc in the Proximal Internet to come..

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