Engineering the Proximal Internet – with the help of skateboards
27 Jun 2016

Engineering the Proximal Internet – with the help of skateboards

There’s no use in hiding our fascination

27 Jun 2016

There’s no use in hiding our fascination with skateboarding and the fun it brings. Little did we know it was going to be a key element in the development of our V2X (vehicle-to-everything) use cases and testing the Proximal Internet.

Focusing specifically on the fruitful completion of the first global trials in Shanghai we have been spearheading for the last couple of months, we’ve managed to continue our path of developing the future of proximity connectivity with detailed use cases for the automotive and transportation industry. This industry has clear overlaps on subcategories such as fleet management, emergency response vehicles, etc. Moreover and since our startup is lacking the budget to use Tesla’s, we’ve been using our skateboards to test the local environment for test vehicles, moving in proximity and broadcasting continual pings to peer devices.


On our way to Shanghai

Based on the successful results we’ve had so far, we are now on our way to speak at the Qualcomm LTE Direct Developer & Leadership Conference in Shanghai on June 28th. In light of Asia’s biggest mobile industry event, MWC Shanghai, we will be among some of the world’s biggest player in the industry and most relevant advances. Our presentation will include the advancements we’ve had on the field with the help of our 3D Diorama model to explain the benefits and potential of our device-to-device technology and its implications on a variety of industry verticals, more specifically, the automotive industry (or for us, the skateboard industry).

MWC Shanghai

More than 70,000 attendees and over 1,000 exhibitors will be attending MWC, where its theme will be centered on how mobile transcends to both our physical and digital lives, underlining the concepts of “Mobile is everything, mobile is everyone, mobile is me.” On that same note, will be bringing to the table an overview of the high-potential technology which correlates to the main categories at the event: Communications, cars and transport, payments, gaming, social, wearables, apps and entertainment.

IMG_9380The Smart City Expo – Shanghai Pudong will also be a jaw-dropping exhibit. The recent and general interest of the governments in major urban hubs like New York City and Shanghai has been to focus on connecting its citizens, bringing holistic access to information and the internet, while offering time-saving resources for transportation and connectivity. As they are, we have talked in depth about the construction and development of smart cities and how technologies such as ours can help bring this idea to life. We’re really looking forward to this great opportunity to exhibit what our little skateboards have been able to accomplish in order to fulfil the proximal internet, as well as the mindful and relevant connections we’ll make at MWC.

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