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What’s up New York students? 5 things you don’t want to miss this Summer

Part of our efforts in providing relevant, contextual, and quality content, lie in being able to cut through the internet noise of endless Buzzfeed publications, or ridiculous cat GIF’s, to finally discover all great content happening around us as you read this post. As a former New York student, I wish there could have been a sleek and simple place to go and find out about the best things to do, but also adding a touch of contextual content. Enter! We’re here to bring you all the great content and things to do in the city, while giving you a solution to enrich those moments by joining friends in your proximity or sharing stories with photos and music. Here are the 5 things you don’t want to miss this Summer!

Read More @ NY Tech Day 2015: Silicon Alley’s largest startup science fair

Alex Bierling, CEO & Co-founder of at NY Tech Day

Alex Bierling, CEO & Co-founder of at NY Tech Day

The first time at everything is always challenging to navigate. As Tania Luna highlights in her new book: Embrace the unpredictable and engineer the unexpected. Last Thursday, April 23rd, was’s first time at New York Tech Day, denominated as NY’s largest startup science fair. It was an amazing experience especially because of the vibrant entrepreneurial culture Silicon Alley is living at this point in time. Here’s a recap of our experience and highlights.

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